The Porfidio Collection


Destileria Porfirio has been known as a major innovative force in the tequila industry with innumerous technological and marketing innovations that have fundamentally revolutionized the industry and stepped beyond convention. In 2015, we thought that it was time, once again, to step on a few toes and go beyond the convention of agave spirits{ Game’of’Names by bringing to the world of Tequila, Mescal et alia what has been common in the wine industry for decadesÑ The Varietal Concept.

While most wines have been accurately marked and marketed primarily based upon their grape variety, be it Pinot Noir, Cabernet or Chardonnay to mention a few grape varieties and similarly, contemporary American whiskeys in acordance to their central variety, be it rye, wheat, corn or barley, the same does not yet hold true in today{s world of agave spirits. This becomes obvious by reading tequila labels on the shelves which simply state “100% (de) agave” without any defining subspecies adjective to “agave”, or even worse, simply “tequila”, with no further mentioning of agave at all. The same state of obscurity applies to the world of Mescals and other D.O. agave spirits at large, with only a few exceptions.

The Porfidio Signature Collection addresses this case by bringing into existence a collection of pure 100% agave spirits made of one single botanical species of agave (thus single0-agave), clearly and unequivocally identified on each label. Additionally, the year of Harvest – the Vintage year – is clearly identified on each label to pinpoint annual aroma variations, as is done in the wine industry.

Our variety of agave spirits in this collection are unaged and bottled fresh upon distillation with the mission of bringing to the fore the subtleties in aroma differences inherent to each botanical species of agave when produced under equal circumstances without any overpowering wood (speak: barrel ageing) and peat (speak: smoked agave) aromas.

In the same straightforward spirit, the Porfidio Signature Collection spirits are processed by the same method of thermal hydrolysis and doubled alembic distillation.

Eco-Packaging: The glass bottles used for the Porfirio Siganature Collection are hand-blown not from 10, 20 or even 80% recycled glass but a full 100%, namely 100% from recycled Coca-Cola bottles, an eco-technological feast to the naysayers who say that this could not be done!